The Sedbergh Project

Broadband for the Rural North's (B4RN) fibre optic broadband network is now coming to Sedbergh Town. Through the efforts of local volunteers, contractors and the technical expertise of the staff B4RN's HQ the area around Sedbergh is now enjoying hyperfast broadband.

The service is now being connected to properties in Sedbergh.B4RN's service is by fibre optic cable up to and into the properties as opposed to copper wire from a BT cabinet in the town. This allows B4RN to provide world class internet speeds for sending and receiving data (1000 Mb per second in both directions) and extremely high reliability, with no slowing down at times of heavy usage. It is designed to provide a first class internet and telephony service for at least the remainder of the 21st Century. For B4RN's progress into Sedbergh please visit our Facebook page.

The project will be delivered by local volunteers, contractors and B4RNs staff. Volunteers are needed for all stages of the project from initial planning to final property connections. Their work is mostly using their local knowledge to plan duct routes to those who want the service, raise investment and to assist contractors and B4RN staff when needed.

Some have already volunteered but we need more volunteers. Sedbergh will be developed in sectors and volunteers are needed for each sector. Of course it is better to have a team doing this work than an individual.

Please e-mail Douglas Thomson ( with how you can help.