B4RN Shares

The purchase of shares is currently unavailable due to deliberations by HMRC on the EIS scheme.

Investments in B4RN Shares are made up of £1 Ordinary Shares. Share investments not only help to finance our project in the community, but they also have a tax advantages and will pay interest after they have been held for three years. In summary: -

  • The minimum Shareholding is £100/Maximum £100,000.
  • Shareholders are members of B4RN—one member one vote.
  • The shares must be held for a minimum of 3 years.
  • After 3 years, interest of 5% can be paid out or reinvested.
  • If you invest £1500 the £150 connection fee is waived.
  • Investment in B4RN is a private arrangement between you and B4RN.
  • Your investment will be allocated to the specific area you request.
  • Shares can only be sold back to B4RN at their nominal value of £1 each.

B4RN Loans

B4RN also currently accept a limited number of 5 and 10 year loans from the community. These loans are currently paying 4% interest.

Applications to make loans should be made directly with B4RN. Contact Monica Lee at Broadband for the Rural North Limited, Station Yard, Melling, Lancashire, LA6 2QY. Tel: 01524 555887